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Volatility Warning

Volatility is still very high. The average daily range is still very high.

When volatility is high, the DAX is very difficult to trade and the DTI strategy can be very expensive because the stop losses are very wide. So I am currently still finding better opportunities to trade other markets at the moment.

If the market is above or below the 'daily signal' levels, then trade the DTI in that direction.

When the market is inside the the 'daily signal' levels, you are at a much higher risk of choppy market conditions and range trading.

Key Levels To Watch Today

DAX Key Levels

Moving on to the key levels to watch today, watch out for the previous session Point of Control (POC) at 11081. Today's initial balance is between 10861 and 10932, so watch for a momentum break of either of those two levels. The value area high is currently 11125 and the value area low is currently 11056.

Here are some more levels to watch out for:

  • The 5 EMA (Daily): 10964
  • The 8 EMA (Daily): 10914
  • The 50 EMA (Daily): 10804
  • The 200 EMA (Daily): 11720

DAX Technical Indicators

Indicator Value
RSI 56
Stochastic K: 68 and D: 82
Point of Control (POC) 11081
Value Area High (VAH) 11125
Value Area Low (VAL) 11056
The DAX Pivot 11104
The DAX R2 11277
The DAX S2 10932
The Regular Daily Signal

Type: BUY
Entry: 10932
Stop: 10897
Target: 11037
Type: SELL
Entry: 10861
Stop: 10897
Target: 10756

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Live Stream

Learn About The DaxTrader Intraday Strategy (DTI)

I have an entire section devoted to the DTI trading strategy on the main website.

You can visit this page: DAX Trading Strategy, or alternatively, use the YouTube playlist that I have provided here:




Nice positive trending day, it's a set and forget job so far


Remember BBRSI? Yesterday there was a nice move from that strategy. If you can't remember the rules, let me know and I will see what I can do about sending them to you