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DAX Trading Signals

Come and join the trading signal channels and be alerted to opportunities.

Trader Development

Learn step by step how to use the tools and templates with our videos.


Learn to program your own indicators, algorithms and studies.

FX Signals

Get access to some of the tools and apps that I've built or collected over the years.

Advanced Analysis

Learn advanced technical analysis tools and techniques to improve your trading.

Live Stream

Get access to my, charts and live stream of the strategy.

The Path To Being a Funded Trader

Learn advanced technical analysis tools such as volume profile analysis, market profile, market geometry, vwap, pitch forks, action reaction and more. 

Learn how to take those tools and more and use them to transform you into a professional, competent, disciplined trader ready to be funded.

Learn by Doing

Put the analysis into practice

I'll share all my chartbooks and templates and custom studies. I will even share my strategy with you, so you can generate your own trading signals on any market.

As a trader development user, once you have yourself set up with Sierra charts, I can help you with the rest by walking you through the process of 'levelling up' your trading operation.

I'm now a funded trader, thanks for your help Chris

I've traded for maybe 3 or 4 years, some good and some bad. I'm definitely no stranger to blowing up an account. But I'm pleased to say that I have tightened up my money management and thanks to Chris I'm now a funded trader.

James Gillespie, Middlesbrough


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